Cast Iron Sewage / Wastewater Pumps (2P)

SBCF / SBFS / SBAS series 

Cast Iron Sewage / Wastewater Pumps (2P)


1. High Strength Stainless-steel made of shaft and impeller are installed. 

2. High quality protector adopted on dry type motor to raising effective protection.

 3. Cables base upgraded by filling EPOXY to raise humidity-resistance.

4. All products are made in Taiwan with high quality.


•BCF / BFS series : Drain accumulated water and wastewater from husbandry, industry, basement, food factory...etc. •

BAS series : Water drainage for Civil engineering, Building, Engineering, Sewer, Agriculture, Fishery, Animal husbandry...etc.



SBCF/ SBFS / SBAS series (50HZ) 

SBCF/ SBFS / SBAS series (60HZ)