Heavy Duty Submersible Sewage Pump (2P)

ECT-DV series 

Heavy Duty Submersible Sewage Pump (2P)


1. Non-clogging impeller minimizes abrasives wear and allows large solid passage. 

2. Dry motor with overload protector, cable with an epoxy resin sealed water-proof cable hood, high grade cast iron pump casing and motor housing, deep groove C3 bearing to extend life time. 

3. Superior abrasion resistant double mechanical seal made of silicon carbide to ensure best seal effect. 

4. Guide Rail Device is available for safety purpose. 

5. Oil seal mounted outside of seal chamber stops solids gathering around seal faces. 


1. Waste water drainage from all industries.

2. Sewage drainage from hotels, restaurants, schools, malls, and publice buildings..etc. 

3. Fishery, animal husbandry, stock farm, piggery, and fecal sewage tank in water treatment plant. 

4. Drainage of waste water containing fibrous additives from leather factories, dyeing factories and food processing plants. 


ECT-DV series (50HZ) 

ECT-DV series (60HZ)