Hot Water Circulator Pump (Control Panel)

ECT-AHW / AHWS series 

Hot Water Circulator Pump Booster Pump Of Water Heater

ECT-AHW & ECT-AHWS series is a high energy-efficient variable speed circulator pump, this series pumps provide 8 different modes selection, such as Highest / Lowest proportional pressure, Highest / Lowest constant pressure, Highest / Medium / Lowest constant speed, and Night version to replace existing fixed speed circulators in order to meet most circulation systems. 


1. Specifically designed for single and double-heating systems. 

2. Ground source heat systems. 

3. Boiler / Solar water heating systems. 

4. Hot-water recirculation systems. 

5. Water circulation for cooling air-conditioning systems. 

6. High temperature liquids recycle systems.


Clean water, non-corrosive and non-abrasive liquids.


ECT-AHW / AHWS series (50HZ / 60HZ)